N.N Kakkad Famous Malayalam Poet, Teacher, Essayist, Translator The Author of Saphalamee Yathra,Shalabhageetham

                                N.N. Kakkad was a famous poet and figure in Malayalam literature.He was born on 14 July 1927 in Avidanellur in the Kozhikkode district.His parents were Kakkad Narayanan Namboothiri and Devaki Andharjanam. He started writing poetry at an early age but recognition was slow in coming. Experimenting with new forms and ideas, he often furrowed a lonely plough in the factious world of literature. Eventually, however, he came to be acknowledged as one who had led Malayalam poetry forward in the last century.
                           As a poet, Kakkad's main concern is the plight of man. He views mankind as a crowd watching a procession and individuals as helpless creatures paralysed by fear. He illustrates the contemporary human situation by drawing material from the great epics. In the process, he builds bridges between the past and the present. Kakkad, who was born in a declining Namboodiri family at a time of churning in the community, was plagued by ill health in childhood.
                              Although he began life as a teacher, he spent most of his life as a staff member of All India Radio, which at that time had on its rolls a glittering array of Malayalam writers. He was first drawn towards the Congress Party but later moved towards the Left and was accused of pro-China sympathies in the 1960s. The twists and turns in his life made their impact on his literary outpourings.
Kakkad penned his poems at a time when Kerala was undergoing social and political changes whose effects are still being felt. He was sensitive to the changes occurring around him. The weakening of the rural ethos and the rise of the "hellish" city disturbed him. In one poem he likens urban existence to living in a tent pitched by pulling out one's own spine. While showing a preference for rural life, he does not delude himself into imagining that the village is an idyllic place filled with goodness. He is conscious of the deceit that dwells there.
He was suffered with cancer and died in 6 January 1987.The works Nadanchindhukal and Pakalaruthikku Munpu were published only after his death

His major works
v  Shalabhageetham
v  Pathalathinte Muzhakkam
v  Vajrakundalam
v  Saphalamee Yathra
v  Thiruvoname Nanni
v  1963 
v  Itha Aashramamrigham Kollu Kollu
v  Pakalaruthikku Munpu
v  Nadan Chindhukal

v  Odakkuzhal Award
v  Aashan Puraskaram
v  Kerala Sahithya Akademi Award
v  Vayalar Award

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